LSI Graph Review | Features & Details, Pricing, Alternative

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Hey marketers, we know you’re struggling with finding ways to make your website work. Selecting the right keywords, choosing the right semantic and LSI keywords, and writing SEO-friendly content are big deals! The even worse job is to manage the analytics. Guess what, now it’s not!

You must have attended many webinars and seminars to understand the secret recipe for website optimisation. However, nothing worked in your favor! In this blog, we’ll solve your problem. We’ll let you know about a great LSI keyword generator tool that will not only make your blogs rank but also keep you in Google’s good books!

Yes, you heard it right! The name of that amazing tool is LSI Graph.

What is LSI Graph?

LSI Graph is a keyword research tool that provides semantically-related key terms suggestions for SEO and content marketing. To generate more targeted, relevant, informative, and engaging content, this software is especially useful.

It has been specially designed for SEO professionals and content creators who are not satisfied with their writing tactics. LSI Graph is both user-friendly and intuitive and offers several features to its users, which have been discussed below.

Most writers widely use this tool to plan their transition phrases according to their theme blogs and articles. It assists a lot at the beginner stage of content creation. However, it imposes some restrictions on you in the sense that it allows a limit on the number of search queries, which is not that problematic. 


Apart from choosing the right semantic and LSI keywords, LSI Graph serves the following functions.

i) Keyword Suggestions

It provides a list of semantic key phrases that can be used to optimise content and improve its visibility on search engines. 

ii) Search Volume Data

This tool offers search volume data for each suggested keyword, helping users select the best and most relevant content for their projects.

iii) Keyword Difficulty

LSI Graph also analyses keyword difficulties, helping users to determine which keyword is higher in rank and lower in competition. Ultimately, they would select the ones with fewer difficulties.

iv) Competitive Intelligence

It provides data on the top-ranking pages for each key term, giving the writers an overall idea about how much competition they would be facing while competing for a rank.

v) User Interface (UI)

LSI Graph has a clear and simple User Interface, making it convenient for operators to navigate it and extract the information they require.

vi) Multilingual

LSI Graph supports multiple languages, letting users conduct keyword research in different lingos.

vii) Chrome Extension

It allows a chrome extension feature which lets the users conduct keyword research from their browsers.


LSI Graph offers a variety of pricing plans depending on your wants and needs.

i) Starter Plan

This plan costs $69 per month and includes 2K credits, a single user, and ten saved projects.

ii) Basic Plan

This plan costs $147 per month, including 5K credits, two users, and 25 saved projects.

iii) Premium Plan

The Premium Plan starts at $297 per month and includes five users, 12,500 credits, and 50 saved projects.

iv) Agency Plan

It costs $497 per month and includes 10 users, 25K credits, and 100 saved projects.

You can also avail of annual pricing options, and discounts on their monthly plans. LSI Graph operates on a credit system, where each keyword research report will cost you certain credits. 

The number of credits per report is variable and depends upon the analysis depth and the number of key terms researched. 


There are several alternatives to LSI Graph. 

1. Ahrefs

It is an extensive keyword research tool that includes high-powered SEO features. It helps in keyword difficulty analysis, search volume data, and keyword suggestions.

2. SEMrush

It is another all-rounder SEO tool that includes many features. Some of them are keyword research, detailed search volume data, transition phrases difficulty, and related key term suggestions.

3. Moz Keyword Explorer

Other than the other SEO activities, it also provides an additional feature called organic click-through rate.

4. Keyword

It is a free keyword tool that generates keyword ideas based on Google autocomplete data. You can access its additional features with its paid version.

Other than Google, it arranges data from a variety of sources like Bing Youtube, Facebook, and Amazon.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is another free tool offered by Google. It analyses Google search data to generate competition, key term difficulties, and phrase suggestions.

6. AnswerThePublic

This SEO tool is slightly different from the rest. This is because it collects data from the questions and queries raised by the public on Google. It provides terms (FAQs) or keywords which people search online.

7. KWFinder

KWFinder provides all the aforesaid keyword features. Other than that, it offers an additional SERP analysis characteristic that shows the top-ranking pages for a given transition word.

8. Long Tail Pro

It specialises in long-tail keywords. Also, it provides Search Volume Data, competitor analysis, keyword difficulties, and suggestions for related transition phrases.

9. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool that provides information related to search volume, key term difficulty, and related transition terms. Also, it provides an additional feature of showing the content ranked on a specific keyword which helps in analysing your blogs.

10. Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool. It provides all the features provided by other tools too. In addition, it has a unique side audit feature, backlink analysis, and much more.

11. SpyFu

SpyFu is a competitive research tool. It provides data regarding ad campaigns, competitors’ keywords, and so on. Also, it assists in providing search volume data, transition phrase difficulty, and related word suggestions.

12. SE Ranking

You can use this tool to avail yourself of a unique rank-tracking feature, backlink analysis, and other popular SEO features.

It’s important to consider your requirements and budget while choosing a keyword research tool. That is because each software has its strengths and weaknesses.


In this article, we discovered that LSI Graph is a powerful tool for choosing the right semantic and LSI keywords. It provides data that is accurate and SEO-friendly. However, other alternatives may suit your needs and budget better. Choose them wisely for the best performance.

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