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Do you want to make your customers a part of your brand or life? They expect an instant response, and fostering such accelerated human interactions may get troublesome for you with the entire business running and all. Our unique customer relationship management solutions help your clients acquire a new positive perspective of your brand. Yes, we are the CRM Company in Kolkata that you have been looking for all these years!

The Maverick of the Marketing World!

The Maverick of the Marketing World!

Wolverine Indeed! A Never Backing Down Agent

Have you ever wondered how powerful CRM can prove to be for your business? It is not only mere managing your contacts but also an influential enterprise solution that works as a secure way of accessing the systems and data of your organization by people from anywhere in the globe at any time. From now on, you can track every business opportunity and also close more deals. Delivering a smart service for establishing customer excellence becomes a sure shot price with CRM. Now, how’s that possible? You can just get connected with the CRM software development company in Kolkata and resolve your software woes and worries.

Be the Hero of CRM Drama – Let Your Story Be Told

Fast-track your ROI, build loyalty with impeccable user experience and drive people to your brand with Esta Global’s end-to-end CRM solutions.

Contacts Managed!

How would you feel if you see that your contacts get recorded with their details, and it’s easier to track their interactions with your business? Quite ecstatic, right? That is what CRM does for you and allows you to leverage a wide range of business data effortlessly. Connect with your customers instantly through online communication channels and see how wide your brand periphery gets!

Marketing Magic

Marketing automation is an effectively efficient tool for CRM software. Streamline, optimize and nurture your marketing efforts to improve your sales and marketing funnel.

Life is short, so don’t waste time worrying!

Do not fret with silly business tasks as it is this particular attribute that can be customized as per your business requisites. But, beware! If not steered to your brand needs, it may prove counterproductive.

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Inbox, no more loaded Our designs entice and influence your client base, thereby, building a strong online presence on behalf of your brand. We make sure that the designs emerge as instant appeal factors that hook your customers. Any website needs to have an individual identity that will build its online credence and percolate on every communicative channel. We, the humble troupe of Esta Global, are thus here to sort out your glitches and take your brand game to an entirely different level where you’ll create a new path towards success.

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Happy Leads!

Do you know the story of Jack and the magic bean? CRM is your magic bean which lets you analyze your customer responses, manage mails, seek out the priority list and manage deal closures effectively. Experience the magic it creates to keep your customers happy and make them stay with you. Therefore, your lead generation efforts also become a cakewalk.

Personal Touch:

We want to keep you fine… CRM software is a multifaceted enigma almost like Hitler’s Enigma code that only one scientist in the entire world could solve. It has a one-size-fits-all trait and can be personalized as per your business needs. Its modules, buttons and layouts can be customized just as you want it.

Scurry Not Hither-Tither! Our Creative Minds are Here for You

Bid farewell to your worries. It’s time to pack them in a box and throw them down the stream… Sorting out the thousands of responses and analyzing the right one is daunting, we know. So, why spend hours after hours tearing your hair and ultimately finding nothing when we are here? Our CRM services are the must-have perks to make your marketing magic take a spin and charm your audience.

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