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Esta Global: Offering Novel Services with the Use of Lively and Exuberant Graphic Designs

Not only website design, graphic design services are also equally noteworthy. In the realm of digital marketing, having a website is a prerequisite. But when images and artistic art designs are unappealing, everything goes in vain. Your company's logo design is the first thing a visitor notices when they visit a website, thus you need to have a unique logo to catch their attention. We, being one of the top graphic design agencies in Kolkata, take a distinctive approach to managing your brand identification. Using the finest designs for your business niche, we aid in expanding your brand online.

For any Business Type; Hire Esta Global’s Graphic Designer to Satisfy All Your Needs

Being a top graphic design company in Kolkata, we can affirm that what connects visitors to your online presence is not just a service but also a feeling. Our team of graphic designers in Kolkata offer a wide variety of services, be it logo design, print design, business card design, social media creative design or letterhead design.

It's not at all simple to construct a design. You must consider the demands of your clients as you prepare a final version for approval.

Your brand grows and your potential customer base expands owing to expressive images, engaging videos, and captivating graphics. You can engage your clients easily and aid in their understanding of your products by using better graphics! With our top-notch designs, we can beautifully illustrate your ideas and bring your concept to life, thus, attracting your audience and maximizing your return on investment

Steps Followed by Us to Formulate a Graphic Design

Esta Global provides a broad range of graphic design services in Kolkata. We excel in every field to satisfy your needs and are one of the top logo design companies in Kolkata. We go through a long procedure to deliver the best of graphic designs as per client requirements.

It is essential to:

  • Define: Your definition is the first step. You must describe your business niche and needs. Your job ends here, and we pick up where you left off and figure out what must be done.

  • Research: After receiving your specifications, we do research on your industry to determine what themes are most likely to attract an audience. After an extensive study, we are able to finally determine what kind of designs are best suited for your company.

  • Brainstorming: In this part, we carefully incorporate your needs and the results of our study to choose color combinations. Since color contrasts are crucial to the design, we must choose them in accordance with the brand logo.

  • Design: Finally, we put our cognitive ideas in a framework. Finally, after a design has been completed, we execute it in our software and make any necessary modifications.

  • Client Review: We solicit our clients' feedback by sending the designs to them. We proceed to the next step after receiving a green signal; however, if the client requests any additional modifications to the creative, our competent team follows up and makes the required changes.

  • Finalize: Once everything is completed, we conclude the design after getting our client's approval. Our work ends after sending the final soft copy to our clients.

Why Pick Esta Gobal for Graphics Design Services

Why prioritize us above when there are so many other graphic design companies in Kolkata? Not just due to the fact that we are a premier graphic design firm, but for the services we provide. You can choose from the following complete list of our graphic design services in Kolkata:

Graphics Design for Websites

The appearance of a website is vital; you need to have an attention-grabbing design to draw users in. In addition to creative slider design, icon design, and picture optimization with appropriate editing, Esta Global handles UI design as well.

Logo Design

We recognize being the best logo design agency in Kolkata; your business needs a distinctive and pertinent logo since a logo inexorably establishes your brand identity. At Esta Global, we create logos that suit your sector and are eye-catching enough to leave an impact on the audience.

Business Card Designing

An appealing business card with related contact information will help you stand out from your competitors. To gain your prospective client's complete attention and heighten your brand's strategy, Esta Global takes the initiative to create a custom visiting card with a professionally designed layout for your enterprise.

Designing Letterheads

You acquire credibility and confidence from your clients when you send letters, invoices, and notes on your business letterhead. We assist you with this by creating personalized letterhead for each type of business that adds an elevated edge to your enterprise.

Print Design

We design everything that your company would require for advertising objectives. Everything has custom sizing in accordance with the requirements and is printable. To strengthen your marketing plan and expand your business, we develop banners, brochures, flex, billboards, flyers, and other stuff.

Creative Design for Social Media

We understand the value of social media because we are a top digital marketing agency. You should have a visually appealing social media timeline, since we tend to browse through social media very often. We develop the visual creative for social media postings, as well as Facebook cover photos and profile pictures.

FAQ on Graphic Design Services

When you promote your services or products, the design is what attracts the attention of the viewers first. For an effective marketing strategy, you need to have an appealing design. Social media postings, Web design, brochures, banners, and logo design are all examples of this.

Logos of a company or printed materials such as brochures, posters, greeting cards, business cards, postcards, billboards, and advertisements- all use graphic design. Websites, online advertisements, virtual presentations and brochures, and many others- all contain graphic design.

Tools including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe CorelDraw, GIMP, Inkscape, etc are used by our designers.

We are confident that this situation won't arise. However, if the artwork does not suit your tastes, we can modify it accordingly.

We will send the files to the applicable email address and provide a copy via WhatsApp after the final payment is received.

Every task is unique, and so every deadline must be distinctive as well. If you provide adequate time for designing and proofing your work, we would feel obliged. We will try our best to finish your assignment by your stipulated deadline. A deadline is yet to be missed by us, and we have no intent to do so.

Yes, of course, we will erase the watermark and send you the final file as soon as the final payment is received. The design is then yours to use however you see fit under your copyright.

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