What is Directory Submission in SEO

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If you want to get traffic on your website, SEO is the best approach suitable for all Digital Marketing needs. The main motive of SEO is to bring traffic to your website. This traffic will help to rank your website and a better-ranking website page will bring more customers. These customers will be interested in do a purchase if they clearly understand what you are selling.

Content marketing and a website that is SEO optimized can surely bring business growth. Directory submission is the main thing that SEO makes, and it is thus, important to understand what is directory submission. In this blog, we will explain what directory submission is, how it is helpful for SEO, and many more informative pieces of stuff. So, stay connected till the end patiently!

What is A Directory?

Many people think that their website is a directory. It is a wrong understanding. The directory is not your website but the portal where you are submitting the same. Therefore, directory submission means the submission of the URLs to the portals or the directories.

What is Directory Submission?

When you are submitting your website link to the web directory, it is known as directory submission. It helps to improve and build website links. It is also the best approach to gain popularity on the world wide web for your website. But make it a clear point that the quality of the links you upload also matters. Backlinking helps in optimizing websites with increased rankings. It will bring your website to rank on the search results page.

Why is directory Submission in SEO Beneficial?

Getting traffic will lead to better different types of keyword SEO for your website. A question arises here. Is this the only reason for submitting to a directory?

No, other ways listing in a directory can bring significant and direct benefits to you and your website. Submitting your directory to the portal will primarily give you backlinks.

Backlinks are links placed on places or pages other than yours, and each link takes the visitor back to your website. They are therefore inherently related to obtaining traffic from external sources. Submitting your website to directories is therefore the most reliable way to create backlinks for your website, which search engines like.

Plus, the directory submission costs nothing, and in return, you get traffic in an authenticated style. You should know how to do this and take it up for a good-ranking website in the business.

Let’s, also get to know the types of web directories. So, how many types of web directories in SEO are there?

  • Featured Web listing: This is a paid listing from the website. The web directory owner charges a certain amount to create the link and from submission, he is approved within 24 hours. Submitting a website/blog link to a paid listing web directory requires payment. Plus, get instant verification with featured listings. Paid backlinks, however, imply that they are not worth it as Google will penalize them. 
  • Regular Web listing: This process allows you to freely send a link to your website. There is no charge, but there is no guarantee that the link will be approved by the administrator. It is therefore a time-consuming process. Free listings allow you to add a website link to your directory submission website for free. In addition, free web listings can be trusted as they help you get more real backlinks for your website. 
  • Reciprocal Regular Web Listing: Reciprocal links refer to the mutual exchange of links with other websites. When submitting a link to a website and placing that particular website link on the website, only the suggested link needs to be approved by the administrator. A reciprocal link is created and linked between two websites with related content. 

What are the key things to keep in mind for Directory submission in SEO?

  • The process of directory submission is a challenging task. But you can take it easily by keeping and following these three things in mind. They are:
  • First, you should always wisely choose the categories that are your website niche.
  • Next, don’t forget to check out the appropriate web directory for your site.
  • And finally, before submitting, find out the specific category you need to submit the link to.

How you can submit your blog or website in Directory Submission?

There is a step-wise process that SEO experts usually follow to do directory submissions. Take note of this if you want to try it out without fail, and achieve desirable results for the same. It is very simple and can help increase the SEO value of any website.

  • ­The first step is to choose from a list of the best directory submission sites. 
  • Select a website to publish your blog or website. 
  • Then select the most relevant category for your website.
  • Then select the appropriate category and click the link to submit.
  • After submission, there are many options for categories and subcategories. Please select the type your website belongs to.
  • The last step means adding a URL, title, and description and that's it. 

Isn’t it very simple to submit your blog? The main points to fill in the website title, URL of the website, and Website description should be a minimum of 100 words. Add email ID, Site Author Name, and RSS Feed.


Web directories help you to get noticed on the internet, on the search results page. Directory submission in SEO is very important to get a ranking properly. If you create links, it will give website backlinks that lift a website. However, that does not mean you should create more and more links. Creating more links does not help. The quality of links as we said always matters the most.

Quality links and quality content improves SEO along with getting traffic on all types of websites. Directory submission is highly cost-effective. You should choose the appropriate category and be careful while doing so. If you are doing spam, it will bring down your site’s ranking.

So, we hope you understood web directories and their functions. Feel free to express your concerns about any problems that you face in listing your website. We will be happy to offer you help, and help your website to be in a good directory for the best SEO results.