Top 10 Best CRM for Small Business in 2023

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As a small business owner, managing client relationships can be an exhausting task. Keeping track of sales, interactions, and customer preferences is crucial in keeping the buyers happy so that they keep coming back. Also, you’re looking up to scaling. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs only relied on spreadsheets to track touchpoints. The good news is, your problem gets solved here with some best CRM for small businesses.

People experiment with different CRM tools to figure out what works for them. Most of them still don’t understand how to make their hectic tasks easier for them. After extensive trying and testing, our team at Esta Global have managed to list the best CRM for small business.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It comprises a set of tools, procedures, and strategies that businesses use to manage their client interrelations. The goal of CRM is to improve customer satisfaction by understanding and catering to their needs and preferences.

CRM software generally includes features such as customer data management, contact handling, lead tracking, sales forecasting, and marketing automation. But by using the best CRM for small businesses, organizations can modernize their customer-facing processes and provide more personalized and efficient services to their purchasers.

What is the Best CRM for Small Businesses?

1. Vtiger

This is the best CRM for small businesses designed for the web, iOS, and Android. It keeps your contacts and dealings organized. Also, it handles bringing inventory, marketing, helpdesk, project management, and documents into the mix.

Vtiger keeps everything clean and there’s a screen for every operation. There’s a simple navigation bar at the top. You can also switch screens. All these features are interconnected with each other. 

2. Flowlu

Flowlu is one of those best crm for small business that brings the best to the table at super affordable prices. There’s a sharp user interface and a crisp onboarding task list. These help you combine sales with projects, financial features, collaboration, client platforms, and knowledge bases.

Business owners see a feed of fresh and recent messages by logging in every day. You can run a quick poll or type in announcements to grab the attention of everyone on the same page. From there, the menu on the left side can take you anywhere you need.

3. HubSpot CRM

This is one of the most popular and best CRM for small businesses because of its user-friendly interface. It has many amazing features and offers a free version. This makes it accessible for small enterprise owners within their tight budgets.

4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is another software for the best CRM for small business. It offers a wide variety of features, including lead and contact management. Other popular characteristics include sales forecasting and analytics. Both free and paid plans are available for companies.

5. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a well-known platform and businesses of all sizes trust it. Though it is costlier than other best crm for small business, it offers additional features and integrations. All these make it a worthwhile investment for small organizations to grow.

6. Freshsales

Freshsales is a CRM platform designed especially to fit in the category of the best crm for small business. It offers features such as lead scoring, appointment scheduling, and tracking emails. A free version of this software is also available for small enterprises.

After finishing your onboarding, you’ll be reminded about adding your leads, tasks, and appointments right away. Freshsales describes how you can leverage these features to help your business run smoothly.

7. Capsule

Designed for the web, iOS, and Android, Capsule is one of those best crm for small business that is dependable as a strong project management app. It understands the core values and significance of user productivity.

It comprises a highly intuitive user interface that keeps the shatter under control. The Projects screen three views, i.e., calendar, Kanban, and list. You can add everything that you want to do here, assign it to the right people, and include all executable files.

After a few weeks of doing all the things, you can manage to take a look at the reports to spot any productivity problems. This report generates from the top of the general sales pipeline data. 

8. folk

One of the best crm for small business, folk have been developed for the web. It is relatively different from other CRM software. It doesn’t generate pipeline data reports with pie charts or does complicated sales anticipation.

Instead, it uses a simple mechanism to manage all your contacts and send ultra-personalized emails to your lists at scale. By doing so, it replaces robotic templates with the indisputable charm of the human voice.

On the left side, you can click to search your contact database, see email breakdowns, and access the settings.

9. Salesmate

Most CRM communications are carried out through emails. But, did you forget about the old phone call? It is still effective to generate high-quality leads. Salesmate is the best crm for small business that offers tools to connect those channels to your CRM, building features around them so that you can make the best out of these interactions.

The user interface is engaging and there’s a great onboarding series with mini-tutorials on each page. Salesmate guides you thoroughly to understand its usage. Hence, it won’t take you a long time before you are talking over the phone with your next lead. 

10. NetHunt

NetHunt is also available for the web, Android, and iOS. It is the best crm for small business with mesmerizing features. You can use it along with Gmail. Unlike other CRMs for small organizations, NetHunt has a separate dashboard that is accessible by marketers to make all-inclusive decisions and ensure quality control.


In this article, we at Esta Global talked you through some best crm for small business and described their positive impacts. By efficiently leveraging these, you would be able to drive your sales more smoothly. Make sure you consider your budget and the features you need before buying a plan. By choosing one of these top 10 CRM software, nobody can stop you from maintaining great customer relationships!