SEO Expert in Kolkata: How to Compare and Select the Best One

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You are about to select an SEO company but don’t know how to select the best one. Choosing an SEO partner is indeed a confusing task, especially if you’re new to digital marketing and advertising.

Shake off the nerves and make the effort with this information-supported guide, which covers:

  • How businesses choose SEO companies in the present day 

  • What mistakes do businesses make when choosing an SEO company 

Continue reading to learn how to select an SEO expert in Kolkata who will deliver the results your business requires. Then, to begin your search, check out our compilation of the world's best SEO companies!

How to Pick a Decent SEO Expert in Kolkata

Figure out how to pick a decent marketing organisation with these eight hints:

1. Gather Requirements from Stakeholders 

Before choosing an SEO company, consider your stakeholders' requirements for outsourcing, such as:

(a) Budget: How much is your company prepared to invest in SEO?

(b) Goals: When and for what purpose will your company outsource SEO?

(c) Contact person: Who will be in charge of managing your SEO campaign?

When you know what your team wants when you hire a search engine optimization company, you can:

Speed up the process of filtering agencies, provide candidates with accurate information about your expectations, timeline, and SEO strategy, and select the best SEO marketing company for your team. All of the foregoing will save

you, your team, and your company time, money, and stress.

2. Investigate the Characteristics of "Good" SEO Companies 

Next, devote some time to examining the characteristics of "good" SEO companies.

  • Case studies show how the service provider can meet (or exceed) the needs of the client.

  • Reviews, which highlight the positive and negative aspects of the client experience.

  • Grants, which recognize heavenly execution by an office in results, administration, or approach.

  • Straightforwardness, which can go from distributing costs to recording Website design enhancement work.

  • Experience, which ought to envelop quite a while or a long time in the best Search engine optimization organisations.

If you want your account to get the attention it deserves, the client ratio should be lower.

3. Start Researching SEO Experts

Once you have a baseline understanding of what makes an excellent SEO marketing company. According to our research, businesses use the following resources to locate agencies:

  • References
  • Online hunt
  • Virtual entertainment
  • Industry gatherings or occasions

References give a phenomenal beginning stage and frequently interface you with a decent Search engine optimization office.

Move on to online searching if referrals don't yield the results you seek.

Keep in mind how you search when looking for an SEO company online.

For instance, if your goal is to find a reputable SEO company at the most affordable price, you might search for "cheap SEO agencies," which offer SEO services for a few hundred dollars per month but won't meet your requirements.

When researching SEO experts in Kolkata, third-party review websites and agency websites are typically found. Utilising what you've gained from our prior tips on how to find a Website optimization advertising organisation, you can limit this rundown of firms and afterwards assess them utilising the accompanying advances.

4. Examine Case Studies 

When examining the case studies of a search engine optimization company, look for the following characteristics:

(i) Objectives: What were the client's and the agency's goals?

(ii) Client Reviews: What is their customer experience?

(iii) Yardstick: What was the campaign’s length and how did they estimate changes over time?

You can further investigate case studies by taking the following additional steps:

Using tools like Screaming Frog to check the featured client's website can help you verify the credibility of the case study. 

Confirming the client's existence Your friend or coworker's recommendation is likely sufficient to validate the agency's work and case studies if you found the search engine agency through a referral.

In general, your examination will assist you with understanding:

  • How the agency measures success, such as by focusing on revenue versus rankings 

  • What kinds of businesses the agency works with, such as business-to-business (B2B) 

You will also have a better understanding of whether the company is the right SEO company for you.

5. Read Customer Reviews 

The next step is to read customer reviews about:

  • Third-party review sites like Clutch and Bing Places

  • Social media platforms like Facebook, such as Facebook and Google Business Profile

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the reviews general or detailed?

  • What are the majority of reviews' positive and negative comments?

  • If the platform supports it, how does the client respond to reviews?

Also, consider the factors that other businesses take into account when selecting an SEO expert in Kolkata:

  • Notoriety in general

  • Cost

  • Notoriety in a particular industry

  • Experience and ability

  • Client care

While many organisations centre around the office's standing, cost, and experience, they frequently de-focus on client care. Look for comments from customers about things like response times, communication, and reporting in customer reviews.

You can have a better understanding of:

  • When you have your takeaways, think about them from your company's perspective to see where the agency excels and where it falls short.

  • For instance, if your company places a high value on reporting and this agency receives numerous complaints regarding its reporting, you should probably steer clear of that agency. 

  • In contrast, if the SEO company gets high marks for its reporting, you might want to give that SEO company more consideration.

  1. Speak to Previous or Current Customers 

When you begin speaking with previous or current customers, you are getting close to selecting an SEO company in Kolkata.

For this tip on the best way to find a Web optimization organisation, you'll have to contact the office. 

Before providing a client list, the majority of SEO firms will want to speak with your staff. These conversations assist you and the agency in determining whether you are compatible.

When asked, the SEO company will provide a client list if you and they agree.

Shirey suggests the following as a next step: "Make sure you call maybe three to five current clients of a particular SEO vendor to vet them." Ask them how they like functioning with that specific organisation."

Other questions you could ask are:

  • How many years have you been working with this SEO firm?

  • When you hired the SEO company, what were your objectives, and have you reached them?

  • How quickly do they respond to your emails and calls?

  • What amount of your time is enjoyed working with the organisation?

  • What could be done better by the SEO company?

  • Would you advocate for them? If not, why not?

Reconsider hiring that SEO company if they refuse to provide a client list or cannot identify at least three to five current clients. They probably don't have many raving fans or a large enough customer base.

  1. Demand Expectations

Expectations are your closest companion while looking for web optimization organisations since they share the what, when, and how of Website design enhancement administrations. 

You will learn what the agency will do for you, when they will do it, and how much it will cost you from the deliverables.

Most web optimization organisations in Kolkata don't distribute their administration expectations on the web, so you'll have to contact the offices for this step. 

Again, before revealing their deliverables, the agency will likely want to speak with you to see if you are a good fit for their marketing services.

Check to see if the deliverables include the following once you have them:

SEO audit Keyword research On-page and off-page optimizations, technical optimizations, regular reporting, and a dedicated point of contact should all be included in the deliverables if you spoke with the agency. 

Even though it is not required, this extra touch can show that the company cares about working with your business and has considered your SEO requirements.

  1. Clarify Pressing Issues

The last move toward how to pick an SEO expert in Kolkata rotates around meeting your possible offices.

You should meet the SEO agency before signing a contract. A face-to-face meeting can assist your team in determining whether they are the right SEO agency for you, regardless of whether you meet in person or virtually, such as through a video conference.

Also, bring questions to the meeting.


In conclusion, selecting the right SEO expert in Kolkata is sort of a confusing task. However, it’s not that difficult if you know how to evaluate the expertise of a particular agency. Like this blog? Consider visiting Esta Global. We’re the best SEO agency in Kolkata with over nine years of experience. Partner up with us and start growing now!

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