What are The Nine Types of Content Marketing?

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Marketing has become more complex than ever. Publishing ads in the newspaper or getting a billboard are outdated now. Now, you need a more engaging type of advertising and have to create content that makes you stand out. Yes, we’re talking about enhanced content marketing practices. In this blog, we’ll talk about nine types of content marketing practices that you must follow to rank higher.

The 9 Types of Content Marketing

1. Long-form content marketing

Long-form content marketing focuses on creating and sharing long blocks of text or content. It means these practices are more than the typical snapshot ads. They allow you to talk about your websites and services in detail. These must be unique and plagiarism-free.

Some of the common examples of long-form content marketing are blog posts, articles, video content, and podcasting. These are informative and engaging. Also, they must be factually correct, and the blogs should be SEO-optimized for search engines to make you rank higher in the results pages.

2. Social media content marketing

Social media-based content is not very long. These are not meant for websites to advertise your business. These are posted on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media portals other than YouTube.

Additionally, this content marketing practice makes your page stand out from the crowd and be found by many people, including your target audience. All you have to do is use relevant hashtags and make the content super engaging.

Some of the common examples of social media content marketing include live streaming, audio streaming, posting photos or images, adding stories, reel videos, and social media captions.

3. Text-Based Content Marketing

Text-based content marketing is the most beneficial of the nine types of content marketing practices. It is a very fruitful way of advertising your business online, and people often refer to it as the ‘lead magnet’. This type of business marketing is especially meant for B2B businesses and other professional start-ups.

Here, marketers aim to give the audience an idea or insight (mainly a sample) into their expertise in exchange for contact information. The leads generated through this can be further converted into sales.

Some of the common examples of text-based content marketing include case studies, whitepapers, eBooks, checklists, webinars, quizzes, and other types of short- and long-form content.

4. User-generated content marketing

User-generated content marketing doesn’t aim at producing something. Instead, it leverages the power of your fan base and brand advocates. Why are these so powerful? Because real people are talking about your brand! It’s simply a testimonial or a positive review that the marketing department collects to build your brand's image. 

Customer reviews are another fundamental aspect that is highly effective in advertising. These benefit you in a way that you would have never imagined. For instance, you can encourage leads to offer your brand testimonials on third-party websites, such as online e-commerce platforms or travel sites.

Next, reviews can also be posted on your website.

5. Influencer Marketing

Have you ever heard of this term before? You must have had Influencer marketing is one of the most profitable forms of content marketing. Here, you collaborate with social media influencers or celebrities for a paid promotion of your products and services.

These people generally have a high number of followers and have a history of endorsing other brands' products as well. This type of social media marketing helps your brand gain strong recognition from your targeted segment and win their faith as well.

These celebrities usually make short and engaging reels to promote your brand. In addition, they also put up engaging stories and short content to capture the attention of your leads.

6. Interviews

Interviewing is a form of content marketing that can leverage the power of influencers. For example, you can arrange a meeting with a good leader in your field. This is a great way of educating your leads while also demonstrating that the product or service is approved and recognized by this person.                   

7. Infographics and memes

Yes, infographics are just graphical representations of visual content that are highly informative and insightful. Usually, these are a combination of words and phrases mixed with graphics that engage the audience.

These are very simple to understand and are an interesting way of depicting insightful information. People love them as they are visually appealing and easy to remember.

Coming to memes and GIFs, these are humorous and funny advertising types. These have now become a trend, especially among the new generation and 90s kids, as they love humor and some fun!

These are easier and more interesting to digest as compared to long-form content. People nowadays have a hard time reading and interpreting long blocks of text. This is where memes and GIFs come to the rescue. In this type of marketing, companies use humor to address serious issues.

8. Courses

Courses are one of the most effective forms of content marketing. These depict information in a detailed-oriented way and are often interactive. For example, X is a marketing company that sells copywriting courses to engage more audiences.

Here, they are charging a significant course fee. However, the main purpose is to introduce the course participants to the company’s promotional services with the hope that they will get their gear at X.

9. Communities

Communities are a way of gathering people online who might have an affinity with your brand. They could be your fans or followers on social media who have never bought anything from you, your existing customers, or even your brand ambassadors.

This content marketing strategy is far more effective than just focusing on creating content. Communities include people that are interested in the overall topic, mostly hobbies or B2B businesses. Marketers create content that emerges from community discussions and can also be remodeled into other types of content marketing mentioned here.


In conclusion, these nine types of content marketing are exactly what you need to fly higher in the sky. These are proven advertising types and would never let you down in any circumstances. However, you’ll have to dedicate yourself to trying harder and learning more. Also, you have to wait and be patient. Ultimately, you’ll start seeing the results!