What is Cold Email Marketing?

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Digital Marketing has some rules and regulations one has to cater to when performing lead generation. One has to learn new skills and ideas to see what works best. Some of these practices may look simple. But when you start doing it yourself, you’ll realize how complex these are. One of these methods is cold email marketing.

Wait, is it really that tough? Well, we’re sure it is! Hence, you must contact the best SEO service in Kolkata to perform this promotional activity. However, you need to have a basic idea about cold email marketing first. Our team at Esta Global has come up with this blog to let you know what cold email marketing is and how you can leverage it to grow your small business. 

What is Cold Email Marketing?

Cold Email Marketing is the process of reaching out to potential leads via email. These are the people who have not engaged with the business yet. Through cold email marketing, marketers can 

  • Establish client relationships with the customers

  • Introduce them to your services or products

  • Ultimately convert them into potential customers

Sending cold emails is like what we call ‘selling through cold calls’. It is opposite to traditional email marketing where people have already subscribed to your newsletters or signed up for a contact form on your website.

In cold email marketing, it becomes more challenging for marketers to compel people to open their emails and engage with them in some way. Why? Because these people have shown zero interest in their business in the past!

However, what companies do is conduct in-house cold email marketing by learning skills from the internet. Unfortunately, it is not very effective because business owners do not know the correct strategies to approach these leads.

This is where Esta Global, the provider of SEO services in Kolkata comes to the rescue. We have been in business for many years and have been responsible for helping our clients generate high-quality leads and convert them into high-paying customers through our expert cold email marketing tactics.

What are The Benefits of Cold Email Marketing?

1. Brand Awareness

You can increase your brand awareness with the correct cold email marketing master plan. Even if a lead doesn’t buy your products right away, they may remember your services in the future. Also, they may engage more with your emails and navigate your website further for more amenities.

2. Cost-Effective

One of the most common benefits of cold email marketing is its low cost. Unlike traditional advertising approaches, which can be quite expensive, cold email marketing requires a little more than an email account.

3. Targeted Segmentation

Since cold email marketing is affordable and highly targeted, you can think of sending emails to people who you feel might be interested in your brand. This helps you personalize your messages as much as you can which may resonate more with your audience.

4. Increased ROI

An effective cold email marketing campaign is highly-targeted and resonates well with the customers. This, in turn, provides more Returns on Investment (ROI) for small businesses. 

5. Easy to Track

It is super easy and workable to track the metrics and measure the success of your campaigns with cold email marketing. You can check out the rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This lets you analyze what changes and improvements you can make in the future.

How To Implement Cold Email Marketing in Small Business

1. Build a targeted email list

The first step in implementing a successful cold email marketing game plan is to build your targeted segment list. For this, you can research potential customers who might be interested in your product or services. Collect their email addresses.

2. Craft a compelling subject line

Create an eye-catching subject line. It is the first thing the recipients see when they open your mail. Hence, it should be engaging enough. It should give them a reason to open it.

3. Personalize your message

Use The recipient’s name in the salutation. Customize the body as per their needs and interests. 

4. Provide value

The body of the email should be very informative and provide value to the reader. Describe how your products or services can help them in accomplishing a certain goal.

5. Add a clear call-to-action

The call-to-action button should be clear and appealing enough to persuade the user to take an action, such as exploring further or buying something. 

6. Follow up

Following up is a very crucial stage in cold email marketing. Most times, a recipient doesn’t respond to a particular email. In this case, sending follow-up messages after a few days would help. 

Tips and Tricks for A Successful Cold Email Marketing

1. Research properly

Before sending a cold email, research properly about a recipient. This helps you customize your messages effectively.

2. Keep it short and sweet

People receive tons of emails every day which even irritates them. Most of these are long and comprise boring subject lines. Thus, you should keep your emails short and simple. It should be up to the point and nothing unnecessary.

3. Testing

Like any other campaign, cold email marketing also needs testing and refining. Check which subject lines, bodies, or call-to-actions work best.

4. Be professional

Make sure your emails are professional and personalized. The opposite of that may land you in the spam inbox!

5. Follow email marketing best practices

Make sure to follow email marketing best practices, like using a reputable email service provider, adding an unsubscribe link, and avoiding triggering words.

6. Use A/B Testing

A/B Testing involves testing two different versions of an email to see which one performs better. Test different subject lines, email copies, and even the time and date when you send the emails. Also, check the call-to-actions.


With effective cold email marketing, one can easily reach new heights without any hustle and bustle. Be more creative with your emails and try different methods to see what works best. In case you’re unable to generate quality results, you can contact Esta Global. We’re the leading SEO service provider in Kolkata and have great client reviews.