How ChatGPT Will Impact Digital Marketing Sector

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The Public Relations industry has been witnessing upgrades and innovations ever since it evolved. New technologies are being launched every day which are becoming helping hands to bloggers and SEO experts. There are several tools such as WordPress, Canva, Grammarly, Plagiarism Checkers, and many more that digital marketers use.

However, there has been a recent launch in the AI sector. It can perform major operations like design, content creation, promotions, and so on. It is now being said to replace the jobs of online marketers. Yes, you heard it right! We’re talking about ChatGPT. But, is it true that it will impact the digital PR sector? Keep reading this blog to know better! Also, visit Esta Global’s online platform for your PR needs.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a high-powered language assistant developed by OpenAI. To your utter surprise, it can provide a human-like response to your every question! No, we don’t mean that it will ‘feel’ anything.

But, it can provide ultimate solutions to complicated problems like translation, blog post generation, cracking jokes, etc. It can also create powerful graphic designs which are better than any manual one. It has been introduced to assist people in their various operations.

What are The Benefits?

ChatGPT has been proven to be a masterpiece because of the following Pros.

1. Multitasking

ChatGPT is very helpful to Customer Support Executives. How? By handling multiple client queries at the same time. It doesn’t let the leads wait for too long and it ensures maximal positive reviews for the company. Also, it reduces the workload and anxiety the representatives have upon themselves.

2. Localised Translations 

Business involves adapting to the native languages of the target market. A customer who understands Hindi may not understand English. Thus, ChatGPT helps business owners in converting marketing communication content to customer-preferred dialects. This model has been known to master different lingos.

3. Excellent client Experience

ChatGPT remembers customers’ choices, tastes, and preferences. It offers personalised recommendations, giving customers a feeling that they’re taken care of. They receive accurate responses to all their queries which makes it likely for them to come back again.

4. Budget-friendly Services

ChatGPT reduces the need to hire multiple staff members for a single task as it can perform it alone. It helps organisations to save money as there’s no need to spend money on Manpower Planning or hiring many employees for a piece of work.

5. Data Analysis

ChatGPT helps analyse different marketing trends. It also suggests effective ways for campaign optimisation, writing clear marketing copies, improving promotional strategies, etc.

What are the Cons?

Nothing is perfect in this world, and it applies to AI too

1. Emotionless Conversations

ChatGPT, no matter how powerful it is, is an AI assistant. Hence, the conversations it produces are robotic. These lack subtlety and softness. Many times, a user may want to interact in a friendly tone. In this case, ChatGPT may not produce effective results which makes the person dissatisfied.

2. Non-reliable Information

Understandably, artificial intelligence can also commit errors. ChatGPT may also provide solutions that are not completely correct. This is because the algorithm behind it is related only to the data it has seen. This causes problems in legal or medical fields, where accuracy is of utmost importance.

3. Requires constant training and testing

ChatGPT requires exemplary training and development to ensure its smooth functioning. This causes the developers to recklessly spend time and resources on its upgrade.

4. Provides only stored data

The solutions provided by ChatGPT may seem very different and fascinating. But, it only represents the information that the developers have fed into its programming. This causes it to occasionally give wrong answers due to its limitation.

Many times, it is not able to generate updated responses and may provide outdated solutions. This could be problematic for school and college students.

5. Can’t Suggest Edits

PR and SEO activities involve content writing and editing. ChatGPT can write blogs and articles, but cannot edit those directly. It might suggest some tools or editing software to improve your piece of work, such as Hemingway Editor, Duplichecker, etc.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions 

I) How is ChatGPT better than Google?

Please note that both Google and ChatGPT are effective and accurate. Yet, ChatGPT is better than Google in the sense that it understands human thinking and softness. It interprets nuances very well. All these make it better to answer than other AI models and Google.

ii) How can chatbots improve sales?

Chatbots are well-versed in copywriting and Email marketing. They can persuade the customers to take necessary actions, like booking an appointment, adding a product to the cart, etc.

iii) What are chatbots in digital marketing?

One can make their campaigns a success through chatbot marketing. These are generally applications that carry out fundamental conversations with customers with the help of AI.

iv) Is ChatGPT a threat to developers?

No, even the ChatGPT says that it can’t replace human emotions and performance. It has been designed to help the workers in their day-to-day operations in the tech field. It will only augment their work.

v) Does ChatGPT save conversations?

Yes, ChatGPT involves the conversation-saving feature and is free to use. You can save your important data without taking any action which is very convenient for users.

vi) How are students using ChatGPT?

Students in schools and universities are using ChatGPT for academic purposes. For example, they are getting help with essay ideas, mathematical problems, sending emails, and so on. This model also serves them by providing lesson plan creation and learning new things. As it answers in simple language, students are finding it easier to study with the help of this platform.


Remember that every trend comes and goes. Like other AI models, this can also become obsolete if not updated. Also, it can help human marketers with business promotion activities but not replace them for now. Thus, you can freely check our website for affordable and accessible marketing services. We’re just a click away!